Relations with business partners

Mutual understanding between business partners is the foundation of a company’s success. However, lack of common views on business may develop into a conflict capable of destroying the business. In this event, we are ready to come to help our Client: compile an adequate partnership agreement to prevent conflicts or facilitate settlement of an existing conflict with minimum losses.

In this matters we are assisted by the Attorneys at law to whom we cooperate.

Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution in the best interests of the parties:

  • preservation and restoration of partner relations through negotiations and mediation;
  • breakup with business partners and top managers with minimization of losses;
  • withdrawal from business on the best conditions (mandatory buyout of shares, withdrawal from membership, etc.);
  • protection of shareholders’/members’ interests by repealing illegitimate decisions of governing bodies (general meetings, boards, etc.);
  • protection of shareholders’/members’ interests through contestation of illegal and disadvantageous deals;
  • counteraction of hostile acquisitions including contestation of transactions with shares.


Partnership agreements

Minimization of corporate conflict risks by discussing essential business issues among partners:

  • reinforcement of mutual understanding between founders/shareholders;
  • development of confidential relations between founders/shareholders;
  • development of a partnership agreement – the foundation of interaction between partners and business development.