Starting a business

If you are on the verge of starting a business, this is the right time for you to take care of its profitability and security. We shall review all aspects of your business and help you with developing the best possible solutions for your company.

Business structuring and safe tax system

Development of a legal framework for business processes is effective for an operating company:

  • business relation structuring for the purposes of gaining maximum economic benefits;
  • taxation process enhancement in order to improve business profitability;
  • business stabilization and time saving by developing improved document flow and business procedures;
  • support of an efficient and safe business process functioning system in order to minimize risks of administrative and/or property prosecution in the following areas: taxation, foreign exchange regulation and control, export/import regulation, warehousing arrangements, document flow arrangements, certification and standardization.



Use of a viable model of interaction with employees and managers, legal registration of all personnel rights and duties:

  • protection of confidential information;
  • commercial secret;
  • indemnification of losses;
  • incentive programs;
  • reduction of corporate reputation risks.


Holding companies

Selection and implementation of the most suitable form of cooperation between affiliated companies through:

  • using opportunities and advantages of a certain form of association of legal entities;
  • modelling further work and reviewing potential negative effects of such associations;
  • comprehensive legal support with development of required documents and registration of holding companies.