Irina Anop


Areas of practice:

  • Corporate law
  • Criminal law
  • Competition & antitrust
  • Insolvency



Corporate practice

  • conducting legal due diligence of 8 companies from various sectors: commerce including trade in medicines, transportation, agriculture;
  • advising onpurchase of shares/stakes in companies from various sectors: communications, agriculture, commerce, etc.;
  • advising onissues of restructuring of a leasing company, an oil product selling company, trading company; and following up on the restructuring processes;
  • advising on corporate insolvency and bankruptcy; development of action plans and positions both for debtors and creditors;
  • preparing and/or attending general meetings both on the side of major and minority shareholders, inter alia, participating in general meetings of a large footwear maker, a furniture maker, a furniture trader, and an agricultural producer.

Criminal law:

anticorruption compliance, offenses against property and business procedures, offenses against public safety and health, traffic and transport operation violations, offenses against public order and morale, offenses against information security, offenses against service interests. Representing alleged, accused, aggrieved and witnesses in criminal proceedings; examining case materials; compiling legal documents; making legal assessments of evidence.

Processing more than 200 criminal cases.

Capital markets

  • supporting investment projects of a major dairy company.

Antitrust and competition law

  • preparing documents and getting more than 10 approvals of the antitrust authorityfor conduct of share purchase transactions;
  • preparing documentsand getting 2 approvalsof the antitrust authority for establishment of 2 holdings in Belarus;
  • preparing documentsand getting more than 5 approvalsof the antitrust authorityfor company restructuring;
  • advising on replacement of direct and indirect control from the perspective of the antitrust regulations in food and software producing companies.


  • Academy of Public Administration under the Presidentof the Republic of Belarus, Faculty of Management, Specialty: Jurisprudence, with honors.

Membership in professional organizations:

  • Minsk City Bar Association.