Partnership agreements

The SPP attorneys have accumulated huge experience in settling corporate conflicts. Most of such conflicts result from the lack of convergence between business partners, especially in the issues of the business development strategy, management and assessment. We keep reminding our Clients that by applying to a court the voice – the right to chose and decide – is delegated to a judge, while at a negotiations table the parties make the decision themselves.  At any rate, bad peace is better than good war.

Therefore, the best way to prevent corporate conflicts is to avoid them. Various partnership arrangements can both help to avoid conflicts and improve relations between partners and get a vision of new horizons of business development.

Based on our corporate methods of work with partnership agreements, we suggest:

  • detailedanalysis of relationship between business partners;
  • developmentof various types of partnership agreements based on negotiated agreements;
  • representationof our Clients in the partnership agreement discussions, as well as in the corporate conflict settlement process.
"Alexander Stepanovski managing partner attorney at law SPP"

Alexander Stepanovski
Attorney at law, Managing Partner


Valery Papakul
Attorney at law, Partner