Family and Matrimonial Law

When marriages nowadays could be characterized as fleeting and relations as illusive, assets created during relationships are quite substantial. Even reckoning makes long friends – this well-known statement is also appropriate for marital relationship. In this regard, we suggest taking a look at a family life from a rational viewpoint to determine in advance, how you would dispose of property acquired in marriage, how you would bring up your children in case you become separated from your spouse for any reason.

Readiness to conclude a prenuptial agreement is an indicator of a responsible approach and mature relationship between the spouses.

One should also keep in mind that each member of your family is your business partner, as your soulmate affects deeply your business decisions.

In this regard, the SPP attorneys-at-law team is ready to offer necessary advice, arrange negotiations and fill documentation of a prenuptial agreement in order to regulate the issues of shared ownership, as well as other matters of relationship between the spouses and their relationship with their children.

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Alexander Stepanovski
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